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Early Childhood

SRD Seedling and Sprouts Programs! click hereLink to PDF of SRD Seedling Program Information

Play Club

Join our local weekly playgroup! Develop new friendships while enhancing your child’s sensory processing and social skills in this local neighborhood Sprouts Playgroup. Meeting once a week, this new program provides families the opportunity to develop neighborhood relationships. The indoor playroom and outdoor playground are designated for Sprouts Playgroup Members during the program. The Playroom is designed with activity stations that caregivers can navigate with children promoting interactive social play while encouraging children to develop coordination skills. Special event access for the Sprouts Playgroup will be presented at the Splash Pad Water Play Area, Wading Pool and jump house on select dates. Space is limited so register early!

Indoor Playroom Activities include art table, balance beam, sea saw and rocking features, ride along toys, pull toys, and sensory play area
Outdoor Playground includes climbing, sliding, swings and rocking feature with picnic and sensory areas.
Splash Pad Water Play Area (select dates) includes crystal fountain, boat moat, rain curtain arch, and water cannons
Wading Pool (select dates) includes 1ft wading pool, toys, playhouse, picnic area (enclosed)
Castle Jump House (select dates) for children 3yrs-5yrs

Hop, Skip & Jump!!!

Hop, skip, jump, leap and run in this high energy and fun game based course. SRD structured activities and lesson plans introduce and incorporate a variety of sports equipment and traditional school yard games. Additional activities will include obstacle courses, tumbling, balance, coordination, agility, and core strength. Designed with skill progressions to enhance a child’s development of coordination and gross motor skills with small learning groups providing an optimal environment. As children practice techniques incorporating various base movements they will become familiar with a
variety of sports and school yard games.

Draw & Paint

Develop essential life skills through drawing and art classes. Students will practice principles of the SRD Ready To Learn syllabus. The skills practices through this specially designed program provide children with the opportunity to gain key developmental skills that they will utilize each time they are exposed to a new activity, learning environment or challenged with a new motor skill task. Draw and Paint is a structured art program encouraging young children to express themselves in a creative manner while developing their fine motor skills.

• Table Time ~ Introduction to drawing and - Pablo Picasso painting tools
• Understand, identify and draw basic shapes ~ Focus on step by step instructions and tasks
• Develop fine motor skills ~ Learn principles of handwriting skills
• Develop communication skills ~ Practice social skills
• Increase self-confidence ~ Create imaginative works of art and share with others

Intro to Music and Performing Arts

Introduction to rhythm, music, song and dance through this creative and imaginative
performing arts program. Music circle includes instruments, children’s songs and
group activities. Performing arts introduces children to movement, dance and principles of gross motor learning readiness. This activity is an introduction to the new SRD Children’s Music Program and SRD ‘s Ready-To-Learn syllabus.


Special Events for children 6 and under

Special Events

Strawberry Recreation District introduces a special event series for children under 6 years of age and their families. These events will provide both a social and physical development opportunity for each child. The events will combine entertainment, art and cultural education in a fun filled and engaging format. Mark your calendars for the SRD special events. The fee is $8 and includes arts and craft, entertainment andgames.

For more information please see the 2018 Activity GuideLink to PDF of Activity Guide