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Strawberry Recreation District facilities are available for rental.  To hold reservations, security deposit, rental fees and any necessary security reservations/fees must accompany approved applications  Renters must create an online registration account to complete the application process. Applications are not transferable. Security staff is required for certain events – fees payable to SRD. Rental fees are based on the number of hours the room/field/space is used, including set-up and clean-up time. Renters are responsible for set up, take down and clean up.

Outdoor parties after dusk on SRD property are restricted* and must obtain prior approval from SRD General Manager. *Additional rules may apply.

Amplified music must end by 10 pm, and be under 85 decibels throughout the duration of the party/event.

All parties/events must end by 10 pm. Facilities must be cleaned and doors locked by 10:30 pm. Noise is not permitted outdoors after 10 pm.

Alcohol use must have special alcohol permit approved prior to event. Additional security maybe required when alcohol is served at an event. Please check with office for details.

Security Deposit:

Gym $1,000  – 1st/3rd Floor  & Kitchen $500 – Field Rentals: $500 – $1,000 – Private Pool Parties – $500 – $1,000

*Security Deposit refunds will be refunded by method of payment and could take up to 4 weeks to be returned. Credit card processing fees (3%) are non-refundable and will be charged on credit card deposits.  Damage to the facility, failure to remove trash and/or return equipment/furniture/facility to original condition will be assessed a charge and deducted from security deposit. 

Rental Forms & Waivers

SRD Facility

A beautiful site for family celebrations, wedding receptions, business meetings, club functions, birthday parties, banquets, fund-raisers, and dances. Nestled in a quiet waterfront community between Mill Valley and Tiburon, SRD is an ideal location for large or small gatherings.

SRD fields, tennis courts, batting cages, picnic areas and Aquatics Facility are available for rental. Applications and reservations are approved based on availability and type of use.

All use of SRD space requires a rental permit*, signed waivers, forms and contracts and associated payment of fees. All renters who accept fees, including for profit and non-profit, must have a certificate of insurance for their business activity.

*Members of the same family may use the SRD fields when they are not in use by renters. Any non-family member coaching or exchanging of money is not permitted under this exception.

Please call the SRD Office to inquire about rentals – 415.383.6494.

Convenient Location

Only 15 miles north of San Francisco and less than 1 mile from Highway 101, SRD offers a variety of facilities within easy access of neighboring cities and counties. Free parking is available.

Attractive Setting

The landscaped grounds and various patios adjoining the meeting rooms add a garden atmosphere to any event. The pool and gymnasium provide an attractive and functional setting for that special event or athletic competition.

Affordable Rates

Rentals at Strawberry Recreation District are competitively priced. View rental facility and information at or email Jacqueline at to schedule a tour.

Insurance Requirements

  • Parties, meetings or activities that include an outside sports vendor, coach or organization are required to provide a certificate of insurance from the organization/vendor.
  • All parties, meetings or activities that include more than 50 people must provide a certificate of insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.
  • All parties, meetings, activities or group events that meet five or more times or have 25 or more participants must provide a certificate of insurance for $1,000,000 or more.
  • All events with alcohol must provide a certificate of insurance for $1,000,000 or more.

If you do not have liability insurance and are required to obtain insurance for your SRD rental, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Wise Choice Insurance Solutions – activity and event insurance
  2. HUB International Insurance Services Inc. – 925-609-6500
  3. Alliant Insurance offers special event and special group policies for this purpose. Their website is:
  4. KandK Insurance offers similar coverage as Alliant. Website:
  5. For all insurance options, SRD must be named as the additional insured.
  6. Pacific Specialty Insurance Company – recommended for Independent Contractors teaching classes @ SRD.


The SRD Outdoor Aquatics Facility contains a five-lane, 25-yard pool, shallow teaching pool, spa, and children’s splash pad. The children’s wading pool and splash pad are open March through the end of the season. There are 3 outdoor showers at the pool facility. Dressing rooms and private showers in the main building. The pool is available year round (Jan – Nov) for rental use outside scheduled hours. It has a large landscaped patio with picnic tables. It is a popular site for special events and birthday parties.


Tennis Courts
SRD has four courts with lights open year round for tennis pass holders, tennis teams, tournaments and SRD programs. Available for Rent.

Playing Fields
The fields are available by the hour for individuals and groups and are ideal for athletics, company picnics, family reunions, birthday parties and more. Fields subject to closure due to weather.

COMMUNITY ROOMS (8:00 am – 10:00 pm)

Reception Hall / Gymnasium

Designed for social and athletic events, this large second floor room is well-suited for dances, meetings, performance presentations, receptions, fund-raising, community festivals, sports, and more. The room features hardwood floor, redwood paneling, high ceiling, wall-to-wall windows, raised stage and deck overlooking the playing fields, creating a beautiful setting for many events.
Capacity: 265 Seated, 560 Assembled
Kitchen: Adjoining kitchen with commercial size refrigerator and stove
Furnishings: 125 stacking chairs, 100 folding chairs, 20-6/8 foot by 30 inch tables, 12 Round 60” tables
Other: Raised stage and PA system
Dimensions: 48’ x 81’ & 34’ x 18’

First Floor Meeting Room

This light and airy ground level room is suitable for smaller groups and occasions. It is ideal for classes, meetings, presentation and birthday parties.
Capacity: 50 seated, 60 Assembled
Furnishings: Sink and counter area, 30 stacking chairs (additional chairs available upon request), 4 adjustable 6 foot tables, 30 youth chairs.
Dimensions: 25’ x 33’

Third Floor Meeting Room

This room is accessible from Ricardo Road and appropriate for meetings, classes and functions. High ceilings, large windows and an adjacent patio add to its attractiveness.
Capacity: 50 Seated, 61 Assembled
Furnishings: Sink and counter area, 30 chairs and 3-6 foot tables.
Dimensions: 23’ x 37’

Strawberry Recreation District