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Swim Lessons – Class Descriptions & Schedules

Swim Lessons – Class Descriptions & Schedules

Please read all descriptions in detail to find out the most appropriate class for your child. If the appropriate class is full, add your child’s name to the wait list. Do not sign up for a different level class.

If you enroll in a class that SRD staff assesses is too easy or too difficult for your child, we will do our best to move them to a more appropriate class if available. If the appropriate level class is not available, you will be issued a household credit for the remainder of the classes in the session, minus a $25 cancellation fee.


2023 Summer Lesson Schedule – CLICK HERE!


Parent/Child Swim Lessons

Benchmark: 8 months – 3 yrs.

A water orientation course for very young children & their parents. Through a variety of songs, games and safety skills, children learn to enjoy the water with their parent(s). This program is primarily intended as an introduction to water, other children and adults, and is not a ‘learn to swim’ class.

Orange (Beginner)

Benchmark: Must be at least 3 years old. Unable to float and kick 6 feet unassisted.

This class is perfect for children 3-5 years of age who have not taken swim lessons before or are not comfortable in the water unassisted. Children will learn how to safely be a part of a group class, blow bubbles through their mouth and nose, submerge underwater, kick properly with assistance and float front and back with assistance. *Parents are asked to stay and watch the class poolside for safety purposes.

Yellow (Beginner plus)

Benchmarks: For ages 3-6 years old, can float on front/back unassisted for up to 10 seconds. Kick face down, kick unassisted in streamline, least 6 feet. Swims with face down using beginning arm “scoops” for 6 feet.

This class is meant that have taken at least 1 session of swim lessons and are comfortable in the water. Children in this class must already be able to float on their front and back unassisted for up to 10 seconds and swim using arms for at least 6 feet. Children in this class will work on strengthening freestyle and work on learning how to take a breath and continue swimming.

Green (Intermediate)

Benchmarks: 4 – 7 years old. Able to swim freestyle and backstroke unassisted without stopping for at least 10 feet. *While swimming freestyle able to lift head up or turn to the side to breathe without putting feet down.

Children in this class must already be able to swim on their front and back unassisted for up to 10 feet. This class will focus primarily on strengthening freestyle and backstroke techniques, introduced to beginning breaststroke kick and butterfly kick with a deep-water introduction a learn to tread water. Class will be taught in the teaching pool, using the full length of the pool.

Blue (Advanced)

Benchmarks: At least 5-7 years old. Must be proficient in freestyle and backstroke with endurance to swim full lengths of the main pool. Able to kick full lengths of the pool using breaststroke and butterfly.

This class will focus on strengthening all 4 strokes, endurance, and introduce diving. Class will take place in the main pool.

7-9 Beginner (25 minute classes)

Benchmark: This class is for children that are water safe. Children enrolling in this course should be able to float on front and back without assistance, and able to swim using strokes on their front and back for at least 15 feet. Instructors will work on front-crawl with side breathing, backstroke and introduce breast kick and dolphin kick.

7-9 Intermediate/Advanced (25 minute classes)

Benchmark: This class is meant for children that are almost ready for swim club/team. Participants must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke along with some knowledge of butterfly. Instructors will work on stroke technique with a primary focus on getting ready for swim team or SRD’s Swim Club.

SWIM CLUB Ages 8+ (40 minutes)

Keep your child’s swimming skills strong and increase their confidence with our Swim Club. Our experienced swim instructors will help your child refine the four basic swimming strokes in a fun, non-competitive format. Swimmers will be taught different drills that will help with all strokes, diving, and flip turns.

Swim Club-Beginner

Benchmarks: Must be at least 8 yrs. old. Strongly able to swim freestyle and backstroke full lengths of a 25 yard pool without stopping. Must be side breathing with freestyle and have knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly kick. Will work on stamina and stroke techniques for all four strokes.

Swim Club-Intermediate

Benchmarks: Must be at least 8 years old and have passed SRD Level 2 or had SRD evaluation. Able to swim full lengths of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and beginning breaststroke and butterfly.

Swim Club-Advanced

Benchmarks: Must be at least 10 years old. Strongly able to swim all 4 competitive strokes for 50 yards at a time with proper technique. Knowledge of flip turns and diving.

*COVID-19 Precautions: Physical distancing will be maintained when possible, between participants and instructors. Please recognize that some training activities will require instructors and participants to be closer than 3 feet, and hands-on for safety, and training of the participant. Instructors will wear a mask or shield during the duration of the lesson. For safety purposes, participants may not wear masks when in the water.


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