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Youth Swim Club

Youth Swim Club

Update 8/5/2020: Due to Covid-19 restrictions and limited pool space, swim lessons are not yet available. As restrictions ease, we hope to resume lessons in the future.


Keep your child’s swimming skills strong and increase their confidence with our Swim Club. Our experienced swim instructors will help your child refine the four basic swimming strokes in a fun, non-competitive format. Swimmers will be taught different drills that will help with all strokes, diving, and flip turns.

Swim Club- Level 3

Benchmarks: Must be at least 7 years old and have passed SRD Level 2 or had SRD evaluation. Able to swim full lengths of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and beginning breaststroke and butterfly.

Swim Club-Level 4

Benchmarks: Must be at least 7 years old, passed SRD level 3 or had SRD evaluation. Strongly able to swim all 4 competitive strokes for 50 yards at a time with proper technique. Knowledge of flip turns and diving.

Swim Club Select -Level 5/6

Benchmarks: For ages 10+, must have proper technique of all 4 competitive strokes with endurance for up to 100 yards at a time. Knowledge of all flip turns, open turns and dives.

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