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Covid Guidelines – Camp 2023

Covid Guidelines – Camp 2023

Update: 12.29.2022

Subject to Change With Changing Conditions


Before coming to camp, campers should test if they are having any systems. COVID-19 Symptoms may be mild. The best way to know if you or your child has COVID-19 is to get tested or stay home until symptoms have resolved if unable to test.

If Positive, Isolate At Home

Campers who test positive should stay home and isolate as much as possible from those they live with for at least 5 days, and may return to camp as soon as Day 6 with a negative test.

Parents Notify Strawberry Recreation District

Please call Strawberry Recreation if your camper tests positive. If someone in your home has tested positive, please test prior to attending camp and wear a mask until day 5 and re-test.

Office number (415 -383 -6494)

Report Test Results To Camp Director

Report the results to rec@strawberryrec.org prior to returning to camp if the camper has tested positive.

Strawberry Recreation District Notification To Parents

If a camper has tested positive for COVID-19, we will have the entire group wear masks indoors and outdoors. After the 5th day of being exposed all campers in the group will need to test. Please confirm if they are negative or positive and email the results to  rec@strawberryrec.org.

Strawberry Recreation District