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2021 Counselor-In-Training

CITs, counselors in training, engage in activities that foster leadership skills and help train participants to become camp counselors. CITs will learn specialized skills (see below for weekly areas of focus) in the areas of guiding camp activities, safety training, work experience, public speaking, and communication/organization. Covid-19 permitting, CITs will spend mornings as a group to learn age-appropriate skills, then break out to their Camp Strawberry group assignments for the remainder of the day. CITs will participate in camp activities with their groups including sports, arts & crafts, science, journal writing, entertainment, games, story-telling and more. The SRD CIT program is designed for younger teens who enjoy working with children and want to develop their leadership skills. Ages 12 – 15.

CIT Camp Hours*: 8:45 am – 4:15 pm, Monday – Friday

CIT Fees: $235/week

*Schedule subject to change based on current Covid-19 guidelines.

CIT Weekly Areas of Focus

Session 1: The art of coaching and leading games

During this session, your child will learn how to lead games and activities as a camp counselor. These skills will guide them on a path to success for a future career in camp and recreation. This session is perfect for someone who is interested in a coaching and leading games.

Session 2:

Week one: Positive reinforcement

This week we will be focusing on how to navigate camper’s conflicts and find resolutions when the camp day is not going to plan. This is great for a future counselor to navigate camper situations with a positive attitude in finding resolutions.

Week two: Camp safety week

CIT’s will get hands on experience during safety week. They will learn certain protocols to follow when a child is injured and how to support them with aide. They will focus on in-game injuries and waterplay safety in camps.

Session 3:

Week one: Water Safety/Swim lessons aide

CIT’s will be introduced to pool safety as well provide them with an hands on experience inside the water supporting our swim lesson instructors. They will navigate the challenging aspects of water safety that occur in camps.

Week two: The art of teaching arts and crafts

They will be focusing on how to bring art to life while learning how to prep and lead an art activity. The CIT’S will get hands experience while leading an art activity planned by them for the group they are assigned.

Session 4:

Week one: Leadership week

During this week we will focus on leadership skills that counselor’s apply everyday at camp.  We will develop our leadership skills this week with tips and tricks to be successful in a camp setting.

Week two: How to apply for a job and interview process

This week we will focus on how to apply for a job and application process. They will also partake in a group interview with the camp assistant director and camp director.

Session 5: How to successfully create lesson plans for camp

During this week we are going to show what it takes to create a successful summer camp. They will learn how to create lesson plans and create their own camp schedule filled with arts, games, and activities. This will help CIT’s practice and develop these skills for future positions as a counselor.

Session 6:  Setting Boundaries with Youth

How to create boundaries and a positive experience for both the camper and counselors in camp. This will be a great experience for CIT’s that would like to create a respectful positive atmosphere.

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